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Dry Needling And Its Benefits

Dry Needling And Its Benefits

What is dry needling and its benefits?

Dry needling is a therapy that uses solid filiform needles to provide relief for sore and aching muscles and joints.

In my practice I regularly get asked what exactly the benefits are when i suggest this therapy to patients.

There are several advantages to dry needling, with significant scientific support:

  1. Improving physical pain and discomfort – Dry needling targets trigger points (TP) across the body, starting a new healing process that should build better strands of muscle fiber, which are free of knots! This can decrease tension and reduce pain and muscle spasm; in both chronic and acute conditions.
  2. Increasing range of motion – as it decreases tension, dry needling allow patients to experience a renewed range of motion and flexibility. It also allows for greater activation and increased muscle fibre recruitment in the targeted muscle groups. This is especially helpful to athletes!
  3. Precision and accuracy – Due to the precise native of dry needling it easily targets dysfunction. This makes for accurate targeting of TP in the muscles, resulting in a precise release of muscle tension.
  4. Faster recovery – Due to the “wounding” effect of dry needling, the release of metabolic waste, including lactic acid, is optimised. This increases blood-flow and oxygen to the targeted areas, speeding up the healing process.


In my practice, I like to combine dry needling with other techniques (manipulation, soft tissue release etc) to create a therapeutic, effective and holistic treatment for the patient.

If you have any further questions of how dry needling may help you, please contact the clinic on 07951133697 or info@coombehouseclinic.co.uk

Stay well!

Fleur, Osteopath.

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