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Coombe House Clinic - Farnham Surrey
Fleur Robertson -Specialist Osteopath

Aches & Pains? Stiffness, Lack of Mobility?

Osteopathy CAN help

Osteopaths are recognised by the NHS and are allied health professionals.

Osteopathy is an evidence based medicine proven to reduce pain and improve quality of life.

I would love to put your mind at ease if you have any concerns.

Fleur Robertson - Working With Patient

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Fleur Robertson - Osteopath

Fleur Robertson, DO, MOst, Registered Osteopath

Do you want to walk further without discomfort?

Survive an active weekend without worrying about injury?

Or just manage the stresses and strains of working life?

I have the training and experience to provide brilliant, informed and professional osteopathic care to you.

I find out your goals so I can best enable you to reach success.

From serious injury to day-to-day wear and tear, Osteopathy can help.

How Does It Work?

During the approximately hour-long initial consultation, I’ll ask you for your full details and case history.

This is where I get to grips with the onset of your complaint. I’ll ask you lots of questions, such as: how long you’ve had it, what makes it easier, what aggravates it and where your symptoms present.

We’ll then move onto the examination. I’ll ask you to stand and move in certain patterns. In addition I may carry out more specific testing to help diagnose the issue and formulate a specific treatment plan tailored to you. I’ll be looking at your posture, muscle tone, flexibility and strength, among lots of other aspects of your bodily health and function. 

We will then talk through my findings, your diagnosis and I will also discuss your osteopathic treatment plan.

I always carry out treatment in the initial consultation, unless immediate onward referral is needed, which thankfully is rare.

At the end of the session, I will answer any questions you may have and I will also provide you with relevant self-help advice and exercise. If any continuing treatment if needed we will also discuss this.

Fleur Robertson - Examination

Face to Face Consultations. Please wear soft, comfortable clothing to allow for easy movement.

Initial Consultation

One Hour appointment
£ 49
1 hour
  • Includes full case history, examination and treatment.

Continuing Appointment

Thirty Minute Appointment
£ 44
30 Minutes
  • Continuing appointment for further treatment.

Osteopathic Services in Farnham

Fleur Robertson - Osteopathy


A hands on approach using soft-tissue release, manipulation and spinal adjustments to relieve stiff joints and create more supple movement.

Fleur Robertson - Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Using very fine solid filaments to target trigger points, damaged muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments, providing relief to aching muscles.

Fleur Robertson - Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Direct and specific massage and manipulation of soft tissue to increase blood supply to damaged and ropey muscles, increasing flexibility and relieving pain.

Fleur Robertson - Rehabilitation


Advice on life-style and useful exercise to help increase flexibility and strengthen, thus acting to relieve pain instantly and as a preventative.

Why Fleur Is The Perfect Choice


Fantastic Location

We are conveniently located in central Farnham, Surrey with plenty of public car parks nearby


Knowledge & Experience

I am fully qualified and have extensive experience of all aspects of osteopathy


Friendly & Welcoming

It is vital for me that you feel at ease and I take time to talk with you to fully understand the difficulties you are having

In pain? I can Help

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COVID-19 – Update DECEMBER 2020
We Are STILL Open For Appointments

As osteopathy falls into the essential healthcare category we are pleased to confirm we are able to remain open during covid-19 restrictions.

Book now online OR get in touch directly.

We hope everyone continues to remain safe and healthy.

Please be assured that your health and safety is our number one priority and Government guidelines regarding PPE are being adhered to, alongside guidance from our regulating body, GOsC.

All patients are kindly asked to wear a mask on attending their appointments.

I am also offering virtual appointments via telephone or video conferencing.

Virtual appointments will be £20 if it is the first appointment and £15 there after. Payment will be discussed then.

All appointments can be booked online, via email or directly, so get in touch!