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Suffer from aches and pains?

Stiffness and lack of mobility?

Osteopathy can help you!

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Fleur Robertson, DO, MOst, Registered Osteopath

Do you want to walk further without discomfort?
Survive an active weekend without worrying about injury?
Or just manage the stresses and strains of working life?

I have the training and experience to provide brilliant, informed and professional osteopathic care to you. I find out your goals so I can best enable you to reach success. From serious injury to day-to-day wear and tear, Osteopathy can help.

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Having had quite a bit of neck pain from time to time, Fleur has helped me so much with it. Would highly recommend her to anyone without any hesitation!

Yan K.

Very pleased with the help i got from Fleur! Would recommend to anyone!

Georgia M.

Very highly recommended. Very effective treatment of my knee and adductor muscle injuries: Fleur is a top-class therapist!

Peter S.

I can not recommend Fleur enough; she is friendly, welcoming and extremely knowledgable.

Justine R.

Due to work I have very bad back and shoulder pain, I see Fleur on a regular basis and she has really helped!

Milly K.

​“Fleur has been keen to see me progress and increase the time between my appointments so that I can manage alone and see her every 6 months. This is why I completely trust Fleur and wouldn’t go to anyone else.”

Kayley V.

Osteopathic Services in Farnham


A hands on approach using soft-tissue release, manipulation and spinal adjustments to relieve stiff joints and create more supple movement.

Dry Needling

Using very fine solid filaments to target trigger points, damaged muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments, providing relief to aching muscles.

Sports Massage

Direct and specific massage and manipulation of soft tissue to increase blood supply to damaged and ropey muscles, increasing flexibility and relieving pain.


Advice on life-style and useful exercise to help increase flexibility and strengthen, thus acting to relieve pain instantly and as a preventative.

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Initial Consultation

Please wear soft, comfortable clothing to allow for easy movement.

One Hour Appointment - £45

Includes full case history, examination and treatment.

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Thirty Minute Appointment - £40

Continuing appointment for further treatment.

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