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coombe house clinic - pre appointment concerns

Pre-Appointment Concerns

This blog is more abstract and covers common pre-appointment concerns

As an osteopath and practitioner it is hard to take myself back to the place where Osteopathy and treatment was a new concept.

Here I would like to discuss the top 3 worries and concerns that I have come across in my clinic and hopefully set some of them aside!

  • Will I have to completely have to undress? In an appointment I generally advise my patients to wear stretchy soft fabrics; in essence sports wear! Shorts and leggings are generally perfect for treatment, depending on the complaint. Of course if it is an extremity, shorts and trackies are still good –  but should be easily rolled up. This concept applies to tops too!
  • Will my body shape be judged? Absolutely not. Osteopaths study for four years to reach graduation. From day one we are asked to work with each other and all our different body types. In this time we learn that no one is the same and that we really all do come in all shapes and sizes. It also becomes something that is relevant solely in how we create a treatment plan specific to the body we have in front of us. On a personal note, a recent study came out that body shape is not an indicator of lifestyle; this is something close to my heart. I will absolutely advise my patients to exercise, but this is not about a number on the scales.
  • Will I get treatment? The initial consultation almost always includes treatment unless a patient needs immediate referral. This means that on your first visit you are almost certainly going to receive treatment to get you on your road to recovery!


I hope this is helpful to anyone wanting to know more about their first visit!

As always, take care!


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COVID-19 – Update DECEMBER 2020
We Are STILL Open For Appointments

As osteopathy falls into the essential healthcare category we are pleased to confirm we are able to remain open during covid-19 restrictions.

Book now online OR get in touch directly.

We hope everyone continues to remain safe and healthy.

Please be assured that your health and safety is our number one priority and Government guidelines regarding PPE are being adhered to, alongside guidance from our regulating body, GOsC.

All patients are kindly asked to wear a mask on attending their appointments.

I am also offering virtual appointments via telephone or video conferencing.

Virtual appointments will be £20 if it is the first appointment and £15 there after. Payment will be discussed then.

All appointments can be booked online, via email or directly, so get in touch!